What is Sex? 14 Strong Facts



In simple words, sex means having pleasurable and safe sexual activity with the other partner’s consent. It has some risks with some amazing advantages. While practicing, it is your responsibility to make it safe from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

You are in charge of your body and activities. So, make decisions wisely.

Types of sex

It can mean different things to different people. When most people talk about ‘having sex’ they are usually referring to sexual intercourse (or penetration).

It is also possible to be ‘sexual’ without actually having sex. Things like kissing, touching, rubbing and stroking are all things that can make you feel good. Knowing about all of the options can help you make informed choices that are best for you.


When people use their lips for pleasure – either touching each other’s lips or other parts of the body with their lips. Kissing can be with or without tongues.



When you touch or stroke a part of your own body to become aroused. Different people find different things erotic. Body parts could include the clitoris, breasts, nipples, vagina, penis or anus. Exploring your own body through masturbation can be a good way to find out about your feelings and your body. Masturbation is not bad for you. It’s your choice whether or not you do it or not.

Mutual masturbation

When two or more people touch the sensitive parts of each other’s bodies


Using fingers to stimulate another person’s genitals.


Any kind of kissing, massage, or touching that happens before intercourse. It can help to get people aroused and can make sex more enjoyable.

sex foreplay

Oral sex

Using the mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner’s genital area. Of all the myths and misconceptions out there: one of the most common ones is that oral isn’t really sex. While you can’t get pregnant by having oral sex, sexually transmitted infections can be passed on in this way.

Non-penetrative sex

It does not involve penetration of the mouth, vagina or anus.

Penetrative sex (also called sexual intercourse)

When something (like a penis or a toy) goes inside someone else’s mouth, vagina or anus. Vaginal, anal, and oral sex are all types of penetrative sex.

Vaginal sex

When a penis goes inside a vagina.

Anal sex

When there is the penetration of the anus by a toy or penis. The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive system where solid waste comes out of the body.

14 Facts

Woman’s Heart

It is seen that a woman who has intercourse a couple of times a week is less prone to get heart disease compared to those who have it once a month. It may be because healthier women enjoy it more often. But still, it is unclear that it protects a woman’s heart.

It is an Exercise

Good intercourse is equal to moderate exercise. It is not a full high-intensity workout. It raises our heart rate to a level that is equivalent to a brisk walk or a slow bike ride.

It Cures Headache

It is proven that sex can help in curing headaches. So say no to the reason of headache for not having intercourse with your partner. It can help out in certain pains which include migraine or general headache.

It Lowers Stress

Intercourse can help in lowering stress but it should be with a partner, masturbation will not help. It is seen that people who have more sex are not that anxious. As it lowers stress, it automatically increases the life span and improves health.

Improves Your Mind

Sex makes new brain cells, and that helps in the improvement of the mind. People more than 50 years of age having intercourse frequently tend to remember or recall more than the people who have not had intercourse. This helps more to men than women.

Happier and healthier

It makes you healthier and happier. Doctors suggest that once a week is more than enough. If you are having more than that, then the effect fades. But it is when the emotions are mixed with it. One-night stands or without consent sex will not be included in this.

Bonds get stronger with your Partner

The hormone oxytocin is released during sex, and it sparks feelings of intimacy, affection, and closeness with your partner. That helps build a strong, stable relationship, which is good for everyone.

sex couples

Keeps You Lean

It burns calories, so eventually, it helps in keeping you fit and cut those extra calories. Also, people with lean muscles and bodies tend to have more enjoyable intercourse. They have more stamina to stay till the climax.

Good for Mental Health

It decreases the problems of mental illness as adults in committed relationships who have more sex are less prone to depression or take medication for mental health issues.

Helps Fighting Common Cold

Intercourse gives you more cold-fighting antibodies through saliva which helps in fighting the common cold. People who have frequent intercourse with their partners are less likely to have a common cold, rather than those who had less sex.

Helps You Sleep Better

Orgasm triggers a surge of endorphins and oxytocin in both men and women, and that dulls pain and relaxes you. Both of those can help you sleep more easily, though according to scientists — and many women — the effect is more pronounced in men.

You Could Make a Baby

The most natural way of getting pregnant or having a baby is frequent sex. More sex will be more likely to get pregnant. More sex also improves the sperm quality in men and that can speed up the process.

Helps Your Future Self

People who have more sex may have a better quality of life — and not just now, but in the future, too. If you have an active sex-life in middle age, you’re more likely to keep it up as you get older, which is linked to better health and happiness.

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