Why is Mental illness Important

Mental illness


Mental illness plays a huge role in our lives. It refers to physical, psychological, emotional well being of a human. Mental illness affects our way of living. It expresses how we live, act, feel and think. Mental health is important at every stage of life whether it is childhood or adulthood. It can also lead to mental illness at a point of time. Mental illness can be defined as the well being of an individual in which one realizes his or her own capabilities , can cope up with normal problems of life and can work fruitfully. A person’s mental health changes from time to many factors. It might be related facing economical problems or working for long hours. 


Mental Health are those circumstances in which a person is not able to think, feel, act. It seems that the person is depressed, full of anxiety and mood disorders which can lead to many disorders in the body. Such state of being can be temporary and can also be long lasting at the same time. Mental ill health also leads to social problems like unemployment, drug abuse, broken families and many more.

Mental Health



Anxiety disorder leads to fear and terror while facing any kind of situation. It includes panic attacks, social anxiety and phobias. Anxiety disorders can also make it difficult to breath, sleep or concentrate in anything. It is the most similar form of emotional disorder that can affect anyone at any point of age. 


People suffering from mood disorders live with drastic symptoms. One with mental illness faces that their mood impacts both mentally and psychologically. This is a chronic form of depression which lasts up to two or three years,


It is a type of disorder in which a person has inflexible and unhealthy motif of thinking, behaving and performing. Personality order usually begins at early adulthood or teenage. It causes complications at work, social relationships and may be school. When an individual faces personality disorder, it is hard to form and maintain relationships with others.


Eating disorders is a mental disorder that is defined by unrepresentative eating habits of an individual. It negatively affects physical and mental health of a person. It includes behaviors like:

  • Depletion of food intake
  • Overeating
  • Feeling of distress
  • Analyzation of weight and body shape


Mental health is important at every stage of life. Mental health is based upon how we think we live, how we relate our life from others, how we handle our problems and stresses, how we make decisions. Mental health is important because it is a requisite part of our life and impacts our thoughts, behavior and emotions. Being healthy can promote effectiveness in activities like work, caregiving and many more.it plays an important role in the health of the relationship with others and allows to modify changes in our lives and cope up with misfortune.

A good mental health can be emphasized by doing things like exercising, eating a balanced meal, opening with other people in your life, sleeping on time, taking a break when needed, memorizing things that are grateful for you. These activities can boost up one’s mental and emotional health

We feel positive and confident when our mental health is good and can even cope up with the challenges we face in our daily life. We feel more able to achieve our goals and enjoy life when we are mentally healthy. Additionally, a good mental health builds elasticity and durability to cope up with what life throws at us. 

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