Male Impotency- causes, effective prevention, and treatment

male impotancy

What is male impotency?

Male impotency is a condition in which a man is unable to maintain an erection and also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It usually affects a person’s ability to have good and satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Male impotency is very common in men and can occur at any age. But it usually happens in older men.


Causes for erectile dysfunction are numerous. It depends on a number of mental and physical problems. Some common causes are listed below:

Physical causes

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction are given below:

  • heart-related issues
  • high cholesterol or blocked blood vessels
  • any past injury to the penis
  • diabetes or obesity
  • metabolic syndrome or multiple sclerosis
  • smoking, consumption of tobacco or alcohol
  • sleep-related problems
  • treatments related to prostate
  • spinal cord injuries

Psychological causes

There are numerous psychological causes for impotence. These are stress, depression, anxiety, other mental health conditions, and relationship problems.

It is also seen that a person can suffer from both physical and psychological issues simultaneously that may worsen the problem of erectile dysfunction.

When a person is unable to get an erection with their partner, the reason for that will be psychological. If a man never gets an erection, then the reason will be physical.

Male impotency is a treatable problem. It is mostly related to health-related issues which can be treated with some lifestyle changes.


Firstly, a doctor will ask about the past or current medical history. He will ensure that the medications which a man is taking not causing erectile dysfunction. There are so many treatments available to treat ED depending on the severity and condition of the patient.

Oral medications

If the problem is mild or moderate then there are these medications available that need to b taken orally. But always take these medicines according to the doctor’s prescription and set dosage. Some medications are given below:

These medications are useless until you have some sexual stimulation for them to work. They never cause sexual excitement. These medications have some side effects like headaches, indigestion, stuffy nose, blurred vision, or facial flushing.

Never take these medications if you have or had experienced severe heart and liver problems, a stroke, or low blood pressure.


If male impotency does not respond to oral medications, then they are prescribed alprostadil. It is a man-made hormone that helps in stimulation of blood to the penis. It can be directly injected in the penis or keep the pellet of alprostadil into their urethra.

This drug takes 5-10 minutes to work and the length of time of erection depends on the amount of dosage. Like every medication this too have some:

  • unbalanced blood pressure
  • headaches or dizziness
  • pain in the penis or urethral burning
  • reactions at the location of the injection
Alprostadil mal impotancy

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are also an alternative treatment for male impotence. These pumps are hand operated or battery operated. This works by placing a tube over the penis to pump all the air out of the penis that leads to blood flow in there and then erection happens.

The rubber ring around the base of the penis helps in holding the blood in place and allows the person to maintain an erection for around 30 minutes. Never use this pump if you are consuming blood thinners as pain and bruising are the side effects of this treatment.


Surgery procedures are considered to be the last option when everything fails. These treatments involve placing implants inside the penis, which are semi-rigid or inflatable.

male impotancy

Psychological treatments

If the reason for male impotency is stress, anxiety, or other psychological reasons, then you should visit a psychologist or counselor. Mental therapies are very helpful where two people are involved.


Prevention is always better than cure and there are a number of ways by which male impotency can be cured.

  1. Exercise: Workout plays a very important role in reducing stress and a good blood flow in the body. It is recommended to workout for at least 30 minutes a day. Be it a walk, swimming, cycling, running, or gymming.
  2. Alcohol: Stop consuming drugs, alcohol, and illegal drugs. These can harm your sperm count and causes erectile dysfunction.
  3. Lifestyle changes: Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It means to have a high protein diet and consume more fruits and vegetables. Wake up early morning and going to sleep on time also reduces stress which is a key reason for male impotency.
  4. Meditation: It keeps your mind relax and helps in proper blood flow to the brain. Meditate for at least 15 minutes in the morning, it will change the way you live and fill your life with positive energy.
  5. Mental therapies: If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issues, get immediate help from a good therapist. It is very important to take care of your mental illness.
  6. Quit smoking: Smoking also damages the quality of the sperm and affects the lungs. Quit smoking for preventing male impotency.

Always remember that you know your body the best and you can prevent this problem very easily. Do what is best for you and listen to your heart.

smoking mal impotancy

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