How to boost LIBIDO? 14 natural ways



Libido is a synonym for sex drive. Many factors are directly related to libido and sexual performance. These include medications, sleep, drugs, food, and lifestyle. 

Each person has different libido, and performance varies with age, health concerns, anxiety, and self-esteem. There are many ways to increase libido both naturally and artificially.

Ways to boost libido naturally

Anxiety management

Anxiety is common in both men and women and can harm your body in many ways. Increased stress affects sex performance by affecting libido. To prevent this, avoid intense work schedule, fatigue, excess responsibilities, take good sleep, exercise regularly, spent time with a partner, eat a nutritious meal, or consult a therapist. 


After being committed to someone for a long time, things might get boring, and the partner may want to pause in sexual things. Try to improve your relationship and do more of those things that bring intimate feelings. These include spending quality time with each other, planning outings and date nights, sharing everything, or having some outdoor activity together. 



Sexual acts bring spark and joy and increase libido. Focus more on kissing, touching, oral sex, and using sex toys. It is more critical among women, according to the researches. 

Get quality sleep

Good sleep is mandatory to perform each task healthily. Sleep improves moods, boosts libido and energy levels. Getting healthy sleep brings sexual desire as compared to shorter rest. 

Eat a nutritious diet.

Diet plays an essential role in building internal performance. Some foods specifically increase libido. These include foods rich in lean proteins, low sugar, and green vegetables. Metabolic rate, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular disease, blood circulation, all these can be cured by following a healthy diet. 



There are many fruits that provide vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy sex life. These include figs, avocadoes, bananas, and dark chocolate. This increases blood flow to the genitals and releases chemicals serotonin and phenethylamine that produce mood-lifting effects. These foods cause positive effects sexually. 

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicines have been proven beneficial in both men and women. Do not take herbal medicines without consulting doctors as they may cause side effects. Also, dosage plays a vital role in the case of herbal medications. Herbs that increase LIBIDO are maca, ginseng, ginkgo, and Tribulus. 

Herbs such as garlic, basil, fenugreek, or any herb with a higher level of allicin cause sex drive in both men and women.

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps prevent low testosterone levels, low libido, body image concerns, and depression. Exercise releases stress and makes a person happy. 

Reduce fatigue

Increased weight or obesity reduces the sex drive affecting hormonal factors, testosterone level, psychological effects, and body confidence. 

Try to maintain a healthy weight to boost libido and overall health.

Quit smoking

Smoking only causes a negative impact on the body. A healthy heart leads to good sexual functioning. Quitting smoking will increase sex drive and energy levels in the body. 

Work on self-confidence

Always think positively about your body and partner. A better self-image leads to better relationship and encourages you to enjoy sex. Do things that boost your self-esteem and improves flaws. This will bring pleasure to sex life. 

Consumption of alcohol

Have a glass of wine to increase interest in sex for both partners. Consume a small amount of alcohol as too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction



The best way to release stress is by meditation. You can take yoga classes, participate in sports, or practice tai chi. Emotional fitness will automatically lead to increased libido and sex drive.

Consult a doctor

Always approach your doctor in case of any mental sickness. The doctor will help to identify the root cause of the problem and may suggest some techniques to recover. 

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