Drugs: A boon or curse


Drugs are used to change the psychology of an organism or humans. Medications can be in liquid or solid forms. Drugs have both positive and negative effects on the body. 

A medicine, which is also a form of the drug, is used to cure people, whereas drugs such as cocaine, alcohol affect the body negatively. 

Types of drugs

There are mainly four types categorized based on their effect on the body. 


A high dose of a stimulant can even cause death. Stimulants change your chemical reaction in such a way that you feel active, energetic, talkative, excited, and very alert. 


They are addictive and usually feel relaxing, mellow, and chilled out but can cause anxiety, aggression, and nightmares.


There are many other categories in hallucinogens. Its effects vary depending on the environment. After taking this person usually feels detached from surroundings, altered sense of time and space, feeling of insight, and mood swings.

Opium-related painkillers

They can be extremely dangerous in some cases. It can make you feel drowsy. Take to a dreamy state and develops the rush of pleasure.

Who is at risk for drug addiction?

The factors that cause addiction to drugs are listed below:

Biology: How people’s body reacts to a drug depends on the cause why they want the cure. If you feel positive, it will have positive effects, and if you think negative, it will harm your body.  

Trouble at home: Some people start taking drugs because their home condition is not favorable. This causes addiction. 

Mental health problems: People who have anxiety, hyperactivity disorder, depression, or attention deficit, are more prone to addiction to drugs. This is because drugs help them forget the bad memories, making them feel happy. Although it is just for a small period, it can be addictive. 

Company with abusive drug peoples: If you hang out with someone who consumes drugs, there are higher chances of getting addicted. 


What are the signs that someone has a drug problem?

Symptoms of drug addictions are listed below:

  • Problems among friends and family
  • Switching friends quickly
  • Trouble working in a school or at the workplace
  • Staying alone
  • Missing important tasks
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene
  • Excess sleeping
  • Tired all-day
  • Change in mood

What are the treatments for drug addiction?

Treatment includes counseling, medications, therapies, and many other programs.

Can drug use and addiction be prevented? 

Yes. The use of drugs and their addiction can always be prevented. There are several medicines to treat withdrawal symptoms and re-establish normal brain conditions. They also decrease the urge to have drugs. 

Apart from medications, there is always a self-healing way to get relief from drugs. Try to stay happy always and surround yourself with good people. 

Is coffee a drug? 

Yes. Coffee stimulates the central nervous system and thus is categorized as a drug. Coffee boosts energy and elevates mood. 


Is chocolate a drug and addiction?

Yes. Chocolate has many substances that have neuroactive drugs responsible for mood transmitters, and thus, chocolate can also be addictive.

How can we prevent youth from drugs?

There are plenty of ways to keep your child away from drugs in their teenage. Few are mentioned below:

  • Ask them to follow the rules and regulations.
  • Be a good example to your kids.
  • Be vigilant towards your kids’ & their friend’s behavior.
  • Try to keep an eye on your teen’s tasks.
  • Help them in case of emotional stress.
  • Please support them.
  • Always have time for your children.
  • Ask them to follow healthy habits and lifestyle.
  • Have a pet in case of an only child or single parenting.
  • Keep your kids busy by engaging them in something new constantly. 

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