Aphrodisiac: 5 Best foods for women



Aphrodisiacs are responsible for increasing sexual desire, sexual behavior, sexual pleasure, and attraction. It can be readily available in food, plants, synthetic chemicals, or spices. 

Aphrodisiacs are available in both natural and unnatural forms. Natural forms include alcohols or any plant-based food that provokes sexual desire. Artificial substances are being manufactured using aphrodisiac chemicals. 

Its effects can be seen both emotionally and physically. It contains a hallucinogenic property that relaxes muscles and has physiological effects that increase blood flow and hormone levels. 

Types of Aphrodisiac


It is primarily found in the sperm of whales. It is used for headaches and performance enhancers. The study is still going on this topic, so there is no tested evidence of its effects on humans. However, it has been proved that it does increase sexual desire among animals. 

Bufo toad

Bufo toad produces bufotenin in their skin and glands. Bufotenin is also called a love stone that increases sexual desire. 



It is found in yohim tree bark. It is mainly used in Africa. It is an entirely natural form of aphrodisiac. People consume it by boiling the bark in water and then drinking the water after filtering. 

This water affects the penile tissue, the central nervous system in men and can cause side effects such as irregular heartbeats, nausea, anxiety, and restlessness. 

Horny goat weed

It is used in Chinese medicines. It is used to treat sexual desire as it contains flavanol, icariin, and glycoside. This improves hormones and promotes favorable aphrodisiac properties.


As we all know, alcohol acts as a depressant. Consumption of alcohol affects physiologically, and thus the response towards sex depends on the amount of drinking. The more you drink alcohol more it will increase aphrodisiac qualities.

Aphrodisiac alcohol


It is also called cannabis. It may or may not increase the sexual desire depending on the consumption and the person’s sensitivity. 


There is a list of foods that increases sexual desires. Examples bananas, carrots, oysters, chocolates, onion, cayenne pepper, etc., 

Risk factor of Aphrodisiac

Since there are many ways to produce it both natural and unnatural, the risk factors will always be there depending on the production method. Although its risk factors related to humans are still unknown, it might cause some damage to the body, similar to in animals. 

Best Aphrodisiacs for women

Peppermint shampoo or soap

This helps in quick and multiple erections in women. Any peppermint scent will help, be it oil, cream, gel, or arginine, to boost sexual stimulation.


It is used to be applied during foreplay to arouse sexual desire.

Passion Rx

It is a supplement contains herbs that promote sex drive. 


It increases libido in women. It is a mixture of raspberry leaf, chaste berry, and nettle. It results takes around two weeks if you sip it daily.


In women, it reduces urinary tract infections, lowers blood sugar, and prevents blood flow to the vagina. It does not show immediate effect, but its daily consumption results after a duration. 


Frequently asked questions

Does aphrodisiac have side effects?

It is like natural Viagra. Its side effects are weakness, paralysis, anxiety, overstimulation, and hallucinations. 

Is aphrodisiac safe?

It does not have any harmful side effects as primarily it is being used in natural form. But it can cause some damage due to continues use and increased hormones if taking for a more extended period. 

Does aphrodisiacs really work?

Yes. It does work in enhancing sexual functions. Natural foods such as chocolates saw palmetto, and bananas do affect libido. 

What is an excellent female aphrodisiac?

Food that develops sexual desires in women’s are

  • Maca
  • Saffron
  • Tribulus
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Fenugreek
  • Red ginseng.

What drinks are aphrodisiacs?

Cocktails that you can have at night and contains aphrodisiacs are 

  • Casino Royale
  • Brandy Alexander
  • Chili Martini
  • Gingered Peach Margarita
  • Ginseng Ginger Spritz
  • Spiced Manhattan 
  • The Chocolate Rye
  • Gin cocktail with Lemon and Honey Cordial

What scents are aphrodisiacs?

These are the scent that increases sexual performance and pleasure. These scents include pumpkin, ginger, lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, and peppermint.


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