ACETILDENAFIL: 8 Known Properties




Acetildenafil is also called sildenafil(Viagra) analog or hongdenafil. It performs as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. It is a synthetic drug for boosting libido and reduce erectile dysfunction. It is a compound of herbal products. it comes in powdered form.

Since the research on acetildenafil is going on, its chemical properties, physical properties, or efficiency is still unknown. Biologically, it acts as an inhibitor. 

Also, it had done no formal human or animal testings yet. Its progress is slow, and it is still not licensed because of undergoing jurisdiction laws.  


Molecular Weight and Formula

Its molecular weight is 466.6g/mol, molecular mass and monoisotopic mass is 466.269239g/mol

Its molecular formula is C25H34N603. 

Properties of Acetildenafil

  • Its rotatable bond count is 9.
  • Its hydrogen bond donor count is 7, and the acceptor count is 7.
  • The heavy atom count is 34.
  • The Topological Polar Surface area is 92.1A2.
  • Store it at a temperature range of +4 °C.
  • It is soluble in methanol or chloroform.
  • Its optical cavity, E/Z centers, and charge are still unknown.
  • Currently, this product is not being used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. 

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