What is walking on a beach?

Walking is considered to be one of the best whole-body workouts. Walking on a beach means taking some time out for yourself and indulge in some normal walking or brisk walking without being tired. The benefits of walking are numerous.

This time can be at any time in the day at your convenience. Walking time can also give you some quality time to spend with your loved ones.

Benefits of walking

Walking on a beach just not gives a scenic view but fresh air and rejuvenation. Given below are 9 amazing health benefits of walking on the beach.

  • Muscle work – Beaches are full of sand and walking on sand requires more effort than on a plane or flat surface. This makes your muscles work more and benefits your tendons.
  • More effort– Benefits of Walking on a beach also include more effort because walking on a sandy surface will be at a slower pace. Your feet will sink into the sand and will require more effort to put forward the next step.
  • Fresh air– Walking on a beach gives you fresh air to breathe and works as a detox. This energizes or day if done in the morning and relaxes you if done at the night time.
  • Meet new people– Jogging or walking on a beach helps you in meeting new people and making new friends. This also helps you in learning new things and makes you socially active.
  • Increased pedometer steps– People usually find it more relaxing to walk on a beach rather than on plane land and mostly walk long distances which increases pedometer steps and helps in covering more distance.
  • Natural cushion– Sand is considered a natural cushion. It never harms joints and feet unlike treadmills or tough surfaces.
Benefits of Walking
  • Source of Vitamin D– Walking under open skies will automatically lead to absorption of sunlight. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D which is always a deficit Vitamin in human bodies. Walking on a beach under the sun will fulfill your need for vitamin D.
  • Barefoot walking – Health advocates say that walking barefoot grounds us. Barefoot walking activates our cells and connects us from nature. Barefoot walking is not possible on tough surfaces.
  • Burn calories– Walking on a beach burns more calories in comparison to walking on a plane land because it takes more effort.

Precautions while walking on a beach

As discussed above, benefits of walking are many but there are some precautions which needs to be taken care of.

Always wear walking shoes if you are going for long distances within the sand. For short walks, bare feet are fine.

Try to wear beach-friendly shoes without worrying about getting them wet. Teva sandals are one of them.

Longer distances covered bare feet can result in inflammation or a sore tendon in your heel.

Wear a hat, apply sunscreen, carry a water bottle, take a hand towel are some essentials that you can carry along with you to make your walks better.

You can also go for full covered clothes to save yourself from direct sunlight.


Tips for a Better Beach Walk

Strolling on the sea shore can be appreciated performance, with your canine, or joined by your accomplice or a companion. You may even welcome the entire family to participate in the good times.

Seashore strolling is a supporting movement for both body and brain. Have a go at leaving your gadget at home and appreciate some time unplugged in nature. You may find that you lean toward the sound of the slamming waves over you.

Opt for picnics along the beach side with your near and dear ones. You can carry your own food items with some beach cover ups and enjoy your meals under the blue sky. Specially children enjoy these kind of picnics very much.

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