5 Simple Habits to make you Healthy and Happy

In today’s fast life, it is very difficult to live a healthy and happy life. There are 5 simple habits which you can follow to live a life which will be satisfactory and healthy.

This is also one of the most liked topics for researchers to study on. There is a full course in universities to make your life easy and happy.

5 Simple Habits

1.Write down three things you feel grateful for each day

Always remember to write down three things. Especially those for which you feel grateful every day before going to the bed or waking up in the morning. This will make you value those things and make you happier. But, this takes time to come into practice.

Be grateful for small things in your life. It can be a cup of tea/coffee or a friend’s call or even the morning newspaper. This gives the feeling of enjoying little things and value them. Be thankful for being able to see the another new morning in your life.

Gratefulness is a sign of a good character. This keeps us grounded and helps in making our dreams come true.

5 Simple Habits

2.Get cracking

People with a habit of keeping themselves busy are less prone to depression. It also helps in achieving different opportunities and goals. An empty mind is devil’s home is a true saying. So try to keep yourself engaged in some work.

These works can be a walk of your dog, going to the playground, gardening, cooking, writing. This can also include workouts, mobility drills, watching television, etc.
Take stairs wherever you can. Indulge in some hobbies

3. Spend time in nature and unwind

The writer Anne Lamott wrote, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a couple of minutes, including you.” Sometimes leaving technology and work behind is very important. This becomes mandatory when you are in a fatigued state of mind or work-related stress.

Try to take small trips to places which are close to nature and leave your mobile phone or other gadgets at home. Feel the nature and spend some quality time with yourself. This also helps in efficient work as it rejuvenates your energy.

It not only helps in unwinding but also reduces stress. This is one of the best habits included in 5 simple habits to make you happy and healthy. Long walks also help in unwinding and take the frustration out from you.

Take your favorite book along with you on trips like these. Go hiking, run or walk barefoot, listen to your favorite sons, play a musical instrument, all these things help in unwinding.

4. Lookout of others

Santos says that our happiness depends on acts of kindness. you can increase this level by spending efforts and time on others. “Spending time and money on ourselves isn’t as fulfilling as focusing some time and money on people,” Santos explains.

Volunteering is an important part. Observation says that the people who volunteer tend to happier than others. Pure altruism—the kind that you want to try to instead of feeling obligated, brings long-term effects on happiness, so its important to understand issues and consider what simple acts you’ll help.

Offer your help in bringing groceries or take a new mom out for dinner is also a lookout of others. Plant trees and small plants for bees and butterflies, so that they can also have a home.
Being considerate of others is the best feeling in the world. You can also appreciate others by writing a card or a short note, this can make someone’s day.

5. Meditate

Today’s fast life is all about working and earning more money which brings stress and anxiety. Meditation helps in calming the nerves and improves breathing patterns.

try to change the pattern of your brain. Begin with 5 minutes each day. 5 Simple Habits also include meditation practice. It can be challenging in the beginning but here are some to get started.
Begin your day in silence. Do not use your phone for emails or texts while meditating. Find a peaceful corner for yourself and start breathing. count your breaths for 10 minutes while closing your eyes.

There are so many useful apps that can help you guide your meditation practice. They are particularly useful for beginners. Learning to meditate requires discipline and practice. It doesn’t need tonnes and tons of your time and you don’t need to roll in the hay to reap the advantages.

5 Simple Habit

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