What is the Role of Crystals in Pain

crystals for pain


Role of crystals in pain natural and effective tools for relieving pain and treating its cardinal causes are available in the form of therapeutic crystals. These remedies can provide relief in many types of pain like:

Therapeutic gemstones/ crystals for pain relief:

Long term and immediate pain relief is achievable after wearing these therapeutic gemstones:

Lavender: Role of crystals in pain

Gently eases the pain by motivating the realignment of joints, making it particularly effectual in alleviating back pain, knee pain and neck pain.

Aquamarine: Role of crystals in pain

Brings a soothing energy to an area that is tight or inflamed.

Dark Green Aventurine: Role of crystals in pain

It may help relieving muscle cramps, tensions and accelerate overall healing.

Quartz: Role of crystals in pain

Works as a first aid treatment for strains and sprains.

role of crystals in pain

Gemstones Bring Relief and Consistent Benefits:

Anyone who has experienced significant pain knows that it is enervating and can cause not only physical distress, but also emotional, psychological, and often financial strain. Worldwide sales of pain drugs are in the billions of dollars. Various treatments can help resolve pain, but the treatment I have found to be most effective is therapeutic gemstone necklaces. Today the use of therapeutic gemstones is becoming increasingly popular. This is because therapeutic gems produce remarkable and consistent health benefits. People all over the world, including doctors, therapists, and even Olympic athletes, are using therapeutic gemstones every day to make profound and lasting changes in their health.

Relaxing Pain’s Grip:

Aquamarine is a brilliant blue colored gemstone that can use assist with pain relief and relaxation. It brings soothing energy and release to an area that is tight and inflamed. It can also help in relaxing the mind’s psychological factors which contribute notably to pain, and these therapeutic gems helps in addressing the grip on pain, accelerates healing and reduces discomfort of the body.

 Easing Muscle Cramps:

Dark green Aventurine is known to be the powerful antidote for muscle cramps and stress. When it worn as a necklace, it helps in overall healing of the body. This gemstone has no negative side effects. The gemstone can be handled on the affected area for a long period of time for more effectiveness.

If one is battling with any autoimmune disease, arthritis, cancer,  or injury pain, healing crystals can be beneficial in helping to manage the overall effect on your mind and body. Crystals also help in stress, emotional pain, immune system and even to take a better sleep. It is important to balance all your systems. It is all about balancing them well. Sometimes treating one area of your health can realign your entire system.

Here is a list of stones the are suitable for these things:

AMETHYST: Role of crystals in pain

Amethyst, also called the Master Healer, is a stone with high vibrations which is very beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal helps in reducing pains of arthritis, migraine or any injury. Amethyst is also beneficial in removing stress and overcoming insomnia.

ROSE QUARTZ: Role of crystals in pain

Rose quartz is specialized in healing problems related to skin such as gout, burn or psoriasis. With a natural cooling effect, it makes it an aid for sunburns, psoriasis or other skin disorders. Rose quartz also helps in good functioning of kidneys. Wearing rose quartz anywhere on the body can provide overall healing.

HEMATITE: Role of crystals in pain

Hematite with high iron content, Hematite is said to maintain the charge of actual nerve cells, which makes it the only crystal for relieving pain. It also helps in regulation blood flow in the body. Hematite helps with headaches , high blood pressure  and anemia. Wearing it on daily basis leads to relief in pain and stress.

TURQUOISE: Role of crystals in pain

It is a special stone with broad range of color variations. The vibration of the stone varies depending on the color of the stone. It may be in shade of blue or green. It helps in reducing severe headaches, give relief in sore throat. Green Turquoise is tends to be more calm that the bluish ones.

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