Top 7 brands of bags in the world

Top 10 brands of bags in the world

Totes, bags make the ideal present for the closest companion, a friend or family member, and for yourself! Looking for an extravagance purse, nonetheless, can be a somewhat enormous cost. Looking for used sacks is the ideal method to get the luxury look and feel, without burning up all available resources. So whether you’re searching for a regular satchel or something for extraordinary occasions, we have the entirety of the most famous tote brands for you.

Handbags, purses, clutches, totes, or whatever you may call them, these style things are basic for each and every lady out there. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and tones, and there are countless brands from everywhere the world making totes that it’s unimaginably difficult to pick only one top choice.

A few purses are intended for the top of the line design and status, while others are just made for regular use and to supplement the metropolitan stylish. However, an uncommon event consistently requires an extraordinary satchel, and today we’ll investigate a portion of the world’s most costly tote brands.

Investigate our best 10 purse brands to discover which is the best satchel brand for you!

1.Louis Vuitton

The notorious French-style house has overwhelmed the whole design world since 1854, with the LV monogram rapidly turning into an image of extravagance and fine taste. Louis Vuitton represents various things these days, yet their lovely calfskin products made this name the world’s most important brand in the extravagance business for a very long time.

Their mystery? Louis Vuitton consistently reevaluates itself, with imaginative plans, for example, the New Age Traveler purses, which joins telephone links with calfskin and sells at the cost of $26,000.

Louis Vuitton bags
Louis Vuitton Bags

The most costly purse made by them is entitled the LV Tribute Patchwork Bag, delivered in 2007 and created in a restricted run of only 24 pieces. These bags were profoundly sought after however a few pundits named it probably the ugliest sack ever constructed. In the event that Beyonce and Rihanna each have one, they shouldn’t be that awful, correct?

Price Range

The price range of Louis Vuitton is from around $1,100 to about $6,000. Vintage purse prices vary counting on the condition of the purse and the way popular a showpiece it is.

Facts about Louis Vuitton

  • The brand was launched in 1854 and started manufacturing bags in 1892.
  • It takes almost 1 week o create 1 bag of LV as they are all hand made.
  • They hardly puts their bag under discounted products.
  • The reason behind they are expensive is because they are waterproof and fireproof.


Chanel unquestionably can’t avoid this rundown of the most costly and best planner satchels! This bags has consistently gone with celebs to The Oscars, film premiers, and all huge occasions where style can be bragged off. Their extravagance satchel flaunts fans including celebs like Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Kareena Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt. Also, let’s face it The exemplary fold configuration is one of their no1 selling since the most recent decade. Coco Chanel dispatched her image in 1909 and keeps on being considered as a real part of the best 10 extravagance brands on the planet.

Chanel bags
Channel Bags

Price Range

The price varies from $3200 to $8500. It can be depend on style, colour, and size.

Facts about Chanel

  • Chanel is a name of a lady who started her career as a singer in a cafe in late 80’s.
  • She than later started by first launching pants, perfumes, opened his boutique.
  • after she passed away in 1971. the Coco Chanel company launched ladies suits, and various products under the brand name Chanel.
  • Today Chanel worth around $13 billion in 2020.

3.Lana Marks

The South African style architect bacome famous with the intriguing cowhide embellishments produced using gator, crocodile, reptile, or even ostrich skin, with a huge assortment of models that brought a great deal of superstars into her store. Her valuable totes are frequently observed on honorary pathway of the Academy Awards and one of the most great things is the Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch, which was enlivened by the entertainer Elizabeth Taylor and it’s presently worth over $100,000.

Lana Marks Bags

These bags most sumptuous pieces highlight 1,500 high contrast jewels, set in 18-carat white gold, and were made with the guide of five craftsmans. Stars like Charlize Theron or Helen Mirren have been seen wearing Lana Marks manifestations when they’ve acknowledged their honors.

Price Range

The price varies from $2655 to $19890. The price varies with each set of collections.

4.Hilde Palladino

The acclaimed Norwegian planner made satchels that were exceptionally refreshing in Italy, since the time they were dispatched, in 2001. It didn’t take long for her to stick out, with every purse being deliberately made, with a thoughtfulness regarding subtleties that are seen on the sticker price, since a large portion of them are seen uniquely in very good quality stores. The packs are made in Italy as a remain against modest work and abuse.

Hilde Palladino
Hilde Palladino Bags

From the extensive rundown of things made by Palladino, the Gadino Limited Edition Bag is one of her most great packs, made of white crocodile skin and decorated with 39 jewels on the catches with white gold. It costs $38,000 and it’s among the most costly packs on the planet, however, Hilde Palladino expressed that the version is restricted and won’t be delivered once more, so it will end up being a genuine gatherer’s thing.

Price Range

These handbags can be found in high-end stores all over the world. They have a price range of minimum $298 to maximum $38,000.

Facts about Hilde Palladino

  • The bags consists of real diamonds.

5.Michael Kors

Michael Kors Holdings Limited is an eminent worldwide brand that offers a breathtaking scope of purses other than different things to its recognized clients. It is perhaps the most established partnership on the planet and was established by its namesake Michael Kors in the year 1981. This public organization is situated in New York and works by means of 1500 boutiques and 550 sources.

Michael Kors is an exceptionally perceived American birthplace brand and has focused on the first class bunch as its objective client who is searching for a flawless satchel that is selective. The powerful costs of the sacks are, truth be told, a good point for the organization as it marks them as a particular thing that is wanted by every last one. The product offering incorporates a few things like knapsacks, shoulder packs, cross-bodies, sacks, and handbags. All the purses are produced using rich materials with an inimitable plan that is just Michael Kors.

Michael Kors bags

It has named Yang Mi, the Chinese entertainer, as its image diplomat. A few film superstars and individuals from different fields have gladly conveyed their purses.

Price Range

Its price varies from $100 to $6200. Michael Kors has guaranteed its clients that it will presently don’t utilize creature hides in the creation of any of its items.

6.Gucci Jackie

Gucci Jackie is an Italian cause organization established in the year 1921. This extravagance style brand bargains in calfskin merchandise including luxurious totes. Gucci has been positioned as one of the most significant brands as its incomes crossed the 4.3 billion US dollars mark before the finish of the monetary year 2016.

Gucci satchels can be portrayed distinctly as magnum opuses. It is one of the most rich things of its image that talks about lavishness and style. Silk, waterproof canvas, bamboo, and creature skins were utilized to make outlandish packs that are viewed as best purchases among its client base.

Gucci Jackie
Gucci Jackie Bags

Price Range

Its price varies from $950 to $5800.

Facts about Gucci Jackie

  • the brand established in 1921 in Italy. the brand was inspired by horses, hence it has horse bit features.
  • the brand started its journey by manufacturing scarfs in 1966.
  • the company got its runway show after 6 years of launching.


Prada is a design brand managing in extras including its famous line of calfskin purses. It is an Italian birthplace public organization established in the year 1913 by Mario Prada. Its standing can be dictated by the way that its total assets is assessed at 8.6 billion dollars. The organization works through 618 boutiques spread over most pieces of the globe.

Prada has been resolved to bring to the table totes that ladies could undoubtedly adore and esteem. It is not, at this point just a frill however a fundamental piece of a ladies’ group.

Prada Bags
Prada Bags

Prada dispatched its latest purse assortment for summer and spring at Milan Fashion Week in the year 2018. It was a moment hit and took the fame remainder of its image above and beyond.

Price Range

Its price varies from $920 to $5000.

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