Nails Care: 18 easy ways to cure your nails.


Nails Care Tips and Tricks

  • Always keep your nails dry and clean.
  • Follow a proper nail cleanliness routine.
  • Use moisturizer or cuticle cream/oil when needed or once a day before sleeping.
  • Get yourself educated about the uses and benefits of biotin for your good hair and nails care.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails for nails care.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water every day as it helps to detox your body and good for your nails care.
  • Take some time out on weekends or holidays to indulge in some good manicure or pedicure sessions at home.
  • Sensitization is necessary, but try to avoid alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Never use your nail as bottle openers or chew them.
  • Make a habit of trim your nails at regular intervals.
  • You can see your eating habits on your skin and nails, so adhere to clean eating.
  • Decrease use of chemical or alcohol-based products.
  • Use homemade oils for natural growth and nails care.
  • Visit your dermatologist often for your nails care.
  • Avoid going for nail tips as they block your pores and make your natural nails unhealthy. Keep a watch on them.
  • Welcome your doctor’s advice and suggestion regarding nails care.
  • Keep up with your workout schedule.

Ways to Moisturise Nails and Nails Care

Like oiling your skin is very necessary to have soft, clear, and supple skin. Same way moisturizing your nails and cuticles is also very important for nails care. People often take their nails for granted, but this should not be the case. If we talk about the doctor’s advice, they also suggest oil or vitamin C-rich creams. Diet plays a vital role in our body, so try to eat healthy and clean.

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Role of Nail on Body

Strong nails secure our distal phalanx, the fingertip, the delicate tissues from wounds. They also add beauty to our fingers and firm our grip while holding things.

Growth of Nails

A nail starts in the nail root and covers up under the fingernail skin. New nail cells push out the old nail cells and this process continues. Old cells get solidify with the help of keratin, which is a protein made by nail cells.

Food Items to Grow Your Nails

Fatty acids, proteins, biotin, and calcium help to keep your nails grow healthy and faster. Here mentioned some of the food items below to have an idea, what to eat:-

  • Fruits, berries, and vegetables like banana, strawberries, mulberry, spinach, cucumber, kaleLean meat
  • Nuts and seeds for nails care
  • Skimmed milk and eggs 
  • Whole grains, salmon, and cereal
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Best Vitamins For Nails 

The nutrient biotin (B7) is the best vitamin for the nails care and strong and healthy growth of nails. It helps in cell development and digestion of protein-building amino acids. Biotin-rich food can only help in the growth of nails in a stronger and healthier way.

Causes of Bad Nails

Bad nails can be a reason for lack of biotin, calcium, iron, or unsaturated fats. If a person experiences bad or unhealthy nails. Then he/she should consult a doctor and start taking multivitamins and iron-rich food. Do not take your nails for granted. They tell a lot about your health and one should not ignore it.


Most Asked Questions

What should healthy nails look like? 

Your healthy nails should look even in color, smooth in texture, and clean from the inside. It should also free from dirt, moisturized, and strong. So, if your nails don’t look like the above-mentioned, you should start taking care of them.

What curved nails are? 

A round nail is a situation where the nail starts to bend around your fingertips. It also gives a slight bump to your nail. The reason behind curved nails can be low oxygen in the blood or liver-related issues.

How to clean your nails? 

Everyone has a different routine. To clean your nails the best way is to keep them clean and short and trimmed. Use a scrub cream to scrub out the dirt and tanning around your nails. Always use clean equipment to polish your nails. Never bite your nails and tear your hangnail, instead use a nail cutter.

Which are the best manicure for nails? 


It is a kind of manicure that is not used to grow nail tips but to get the top layer of your nail polished. It is for the people who do not like to get their nails sparkly. This process is available in every nail care center at very affordable prices.


In this manicure, the gel is being applied to your nail. Then let it dry with the help of UV light which gives it a finished look. The life of this treatment is costlier than matte manicure but it is also long-lasting. You need to go to the nails salon for re-fillings or if you want to take that off. This treatment is the most popular treatment these days. People are getting it every now and then. But, on a clearer note, it harms your nails.


These are artificial nails made up of acrylic plastic. They are stick to your original nails which gives you length. You can go to a nail spa salon for this process and get it done for a lesser amount. You can also choose the color and design according to your preferences.

Is toothpaste good for nails? 

Some toothpaste contains florid acid or bleaching agents. That can help in cleaning your nails. You need to apply the toothpaste to your nails and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water and you can definitely see a visible change in the cleaning of your nails.

Which nails are better: Gel or Acrylic? 

Gel nails are a layer of gel on your nails. It can give you real look and feel whereas acrylic nail is artificial nails which are stiff and hard to carry. Gel nails are easy to remove after use. Whereas acrylic nails may harm your nail beds while eliminating. So, according to the above statements, gel nails more convenient and safer to apply.

What are the best oils for nails?

Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and onion oil, are some of the best oils for your nail to grow faster and healthier.

What is the cost of Dip Nails? 

The cost of one session of dip nails will cost you around $30 to $50. It is an hour process.

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