9 Water sports you must try

9 Water sports you must try

Why Water Sports?

Travelers are of different types, some love beaches, some love mountains and some love off-roading. Traveling to the sea shore is ideal time for a sluggish day. Sitting by the beaches, swimming, gathering shells, and chilling in sea shore inn can be a lot of fun and rejuvenation. One of the most interesting benefit of traveling to the beaches is that they offer different types of water sports.

Watersporting perhaps takes a lot of guts to try. Every place offers a different type of water sport. These type of sports can help you in staying fit and you can enjoy them as well. You just need to encourage yourself to try water sports.

Always keep in mind to try these sports with the experienced ones , as these can be dangerous at times. Research before attempting any new sport. Below are some of the most famous water sports given:

Fly Ski in Ocean

Originally known Kawasaki water vehicle. Fly ski or “stream ski” has become popular for all the people who travel to oceans. Fly ski is done on a motor boat similar to motor bike with the expertise. Sky ski is considered to be an unsafe sport because of the speed and force of the motor bike. Also it does not contain any safety measures. You need to prepare yourself mentally to have this breath taking experience.

A watercraft like a fly ski is a 7-10 feet drifting item that is totally open. The feeling of fly ski is out of this world as you get to see the whole ocean at one go. You can experience this water sport by giving a one time usage fee or by leasing one.

Fly Ski in Ocean


When we have a motor boat with a parachute hanging right behind it and speed of the motor boat decides the swift of the parachute, this is known as parasailing. This sport can be done as a single person or as a couple too.

This is the most common water sport and can easily be seen at every beach location. This water sport is comparatively very safe and people choose to do it pretty easily. The view from 500 feet above the sea level is to die for and people usually enjoy this water sport.

Parasailers permit the rider to go up as high as 600-1200 feet. It looks like a bird without having the wings. Experience of parasailing is wonderful.


Water skiing or Wake boarding

Water skiing as a water sport has been around for almost a century. In June 1922, eighteen-year-old Ralph Samuelson of Minnesota, proposed the idea of skiing on the waters on off days to uplift your mood. Ralph initially done water skiing on Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota, accompanied by his sibling Ben. The siblings tested this sport for a few days and found out that inclining in reverse with ski tips up lead to effective water skiing and it’s been like that now also.

Water skiing or wakeboarding both uses a motor boat to tow individuals at high speed. As the names suggest, in water skiing riders wear skis, while in wake boarding it includes a little board. Both of the sport requires strength in your limbs and coordination between them. A rider can hop, flip or turn while skiing, but it requires a lot of practice.

Both the water sport are amazing summer sport with an incredible experience. Even you can enjoy this sport and work out as well.


Surfing and Body boarding

Both the sport are old school and a work of art. We have seen so many videos of surfers handling amazing waves like it was a stroll in the park. Surfing as a sport is an addiction because it is fun and amazing. We have more than 20 million surfers around the world and this number is getting increased day by day.

This sport needs a lot of practice to hold expertise. Surfers need to learn loads up, riding styles, waves, methods. A surfers requires a board and a grip of nuts and bolts.



Cruising as an activity is heavy on pockets and not available everywhere. When we book some slots of a cruise to sail from one place to another, it is known as cruising. In other words we can say that staying on waters for a few days as a hotel is cruising.

One needs to plan and book in advance for a cruise. It can not be planned suddenly as other water sports. Cruising is more like staying up in a hotel with different types of food and recreational activities. It allow its passengers to enjoy the stay with gala nights and games sessions.

Cruising helps a person to unwind from daily schedule. You can witness the beauty of the oceans with sun sets and sun rises. It gives immense satisfaction and happiness to be on a cruise and enjoy the luxury. More of a sport, cruising is a way of life.


Skim Boarding

Skim boarding is a sport which is done on the sand at the sea shore. This sport began 60 years ago on the wooden sheets. It was then a famous sport. But this sport also needs a lot of practice to perform as its board does not have blades.

Unlike surfing, skim board uses a lot of energy because it is not done on water but on sand which is thicker and harder in nature. It drains out the rider and a very good form of work out. It is not that popular now as we have more advanced version of it but still in some places it is practiced regularly. This sport includes a good amount of falling so one needs to focus while learning.

Skim Boarding

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is dashing over an ocean or river on an exclusive watercraft machine. Flipping and hopping over a slope are some of the attractions of jet skiing. It is an easy sport as if we are riding a motor bike but on water. People often try this and find it amazing. It is yet to be perceived as an Olympic occasion, but it was remembered for the Asian Beach Games as of late.

water sports

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting and whitewater Rafting are water sports brandishing outside activities which use an inflatable barge to investigate a stream or other stream. This is much of the time done on whitewater or different degrees of cruel water. Overseeing risk and the prerequisite for collaboration is habitually a piece of the experience.

This development as an encounter sport has gotten well known since the 1950s, if not earlier, progressing from individuals paddling 10 feet (3.0 m) to 14 feet (4.3 m) barges with twofold bladed paddles or oars to multi-singular boats pushed by single-bladed paddles and guided by a person at the unforgiving, or by the usage of oars.

Rafting on explicit sections of streams is seen as a phenomenal game and can be deadly, while various portions are not too incredible or inconvenient. Boating is also a genuine game practiced around the world which completes in a world sailing title event between the taking an interest nations. The International Rafting Federation, often suggested as the IRF, is the general body which coordinates all pieces of the game.

white water rafting

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a water sports in which a person go into the water with an apparatus from which he/she can breathe, it is called scuba. People do this water sports to see the corals and reefs beneath the water. This water sports is usually found in maldives, famous for scuba diving. This sport becomes much easier for the swimmers who can hold their breath for longer times in comparison of non swimmers.

Scuba diving can be done casually or expertly, including logical, military and public security jobs. Scuba diver occupied with military secretive activities might be alluded to as frogmen, battle divers or assault swimmers.

scuba diving

This water sports needs to have a dry suit which is worn by the diver to keep the pace in the water. Before attempting this water sports as a tourist one needs to have a fitness certificate.

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