14 Adventure Activities Around The World

14 Adventure Activities Around The World

The following list represents the foremost popular adventure activities offered round the world, with recommendations on where you’ll do all both near and much from home.

1. Adventure Activities Skydiving

When it involves adrenaline-pumping activities, few things beat launching yourself out of an airplane and plummeting through the air on a wide-ranging freefall, but because the parachute unfolds you will be ready to catch your breath and admire the incredible views. For a beachside vista, soar over the coast on a Miami Tandem Skydive or get a germander speedwell view of the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip with a Las Vegas Tandem Skydive. For a change of scenery, head over the Pacific, and luxuriate in a Reef and Rainforest Tandem Sky Dive in Cairns or skip to the acute sports hotspot of latest Zealand, where you’ll enjoy tandem skydives in Rotorua or the adventure-capital of the south, Queenstown.


2. Adventure Activities Bridge climbing

Thrill-seekers do not have to urge out of the town to challenge their climbing skills — try clambering the rungs of those iconic bridges, where you will be rewarded with the simplest panoramic views within the city. The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge is not just a monumental landmark, the 440-foot (134-meter) high walkway is additionally a bucket-list favorite — attempt the Sydney BridgeClimb in the dark if you dare. Brisbane Story Bridge Day and Night Climbs are other popular choices, with views from the summit spanning the nearby Glass House Mountains and Lamington park, alongside New Zealand’s Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb.

bridge climbing

3. Adventure Activities Sandboarding

Forget walking across the sand dunes – the foremost entertaining thanks to getting around within the desert is by sliding downhill on a sandboard. The summer alternative to snowboarding, sandboarding has fast become a well-liked activity, but if you cannot get your balance, don’t be concerned – you’ll always sit on the board and sled downhill instead! Try a Dubai 4×4 Sandboarding Safari; a Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding Tour from Managua where you’ll climb the famous volcano, before zooming backtrack the opposite side; or wander the moon-like landscapes of the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia and check out sandboarding on the looming Lancelin sand dunes, with a Pinnacles Desert, Koalas and Sandboarding 4WD Day Tour from Perth.


4. Adventure Activities Bungee jumping

If nose-diving through the air sort of a human yoyo seems like fun, you’re bound to have bungee jumping on your to-do list. Whether you would like the last word death-defying plunge together with your nose skimming the ground or a short-and-sweet drop, there’s a variety of locations around the world that will assist you to live out your buying aspirations. the first Kawarau Bridge Bungee Jump in Queenstown was the world’s first public Bungy jump and at 141-feet (43-meters) it is the perfect thanks to experiencing the activity.

bungee jumping

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump and therefore the 164-foot (50-meter) high Cairns Bungy Jump also are popular choices, except for the last word in extreme jumps, try the mega 440-foot (134-meter) drop at Queenstown Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump with a scream-worthy 8.5 seconds of freefall.

5. Adventure Activities Rappelling

Even more thrilling than climbing up a mountain, is rappelling, or abseiling, down one. it isn’t quite as easy because it sounds though – you will need to lower yourself down vertigo-inducing cliff faces, scramble down rocky outcrops and traverse icy cold waterfalls to urge to rock bottom.

For the foremost incredible views, try rappelling 180 feet (55 meters) beside Brazil’s mammoth Iguazu with a Rappel Adventure from Foz do Iguaçu or scale the heights of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain then rappel backtrack. For an extreme-sport buzz without the stomach-churning heights, choose underground cave rappelling, as a part of a 4-in-1 Tulum Adventure within the Yucatan.

6. Adventure Activities Caving

While not one for the claustrophobic, if crawling through narrow rock crevices, swimming in eerily-lit underground pools, and scrambling through pitch-black caves seems like your idea of an adventure, grab a headlamp and a crash hat, and head underground. Caving isn’t only a challenge, but an opportunity to get some otherworldly scenery – an Iceland from Below Tour uncovers a wealth of curious lava formations, dripping stalactites, and peculiar rock formations, and a Batu Caves and Temple

Tour from Kuala Lumpur reveals a desirable series of underground Hindu temples etched into the mountainside. you’ll even go caving within the city – Budapest Caving Tours expose a labyrinth of tunnels and secret caverns right underneath the city’s residential area.

7. Adventure Activities Swimming with sharks

There’s no better thanks to prove your bravery than taking a dip within the ocean with sharks so close you’ll feel the swish of their fins. Thankfully, you will not be cast into the open seas to re-enact scenes from Jaws – instead, you will be safely inside a cage, ready to return to the boat at any time.

Take a visit to St Thomas to enjoy Swimming with Sharks at Coral World Ocean Park, where you’ll take a detour to the dolphin pools if your nerves get the higher of you; brave the depths of the Atlantic to undertake Cage Diving with Great White Sharks from Cape Town or take an Oahu Shark Dive in Hawaii. Prefer your sharks a touch less ferocious? Try a Mexican Rhincodon typus Snorkel Adventure where you’ll dive amidst the world’s largest, and decidedly friendlier, fish.

8. Adventure Activities Paragliding

For an extreme sport that’s more tranquil than terrifying, experiencing the sensation of floating in mid-air with a tandem paragliding excursion, harnessing the facility of the wind to propel your parachute. Launch off the 5,380 feet (1,615 meters) summit of Cerro Arco on a Mendoza Paragliding Tour and soar over the Andean landscape, or head to Colombia, where you’ll gaze down at the matchbox-sized houses of the town on a Bogotá Paragliding Adventure or swoop over alpine valleys and craggy mountains on a Medellín Paragliding Tour.

Mendoza Paragliding

9. Adventure Activities Rock climbing

There’s nothing just like the achievement of scaling a precipitous cliff-face with nothing but your bare hands (well, and a couple of ropes and harnesses). hiking has become a hugely popular activity over the past decade, with many recreational climbers giving the professionals a run their money. How about gearing up for a Rock-Climbing Adventure from Denver where you’ll find out how to rock climb and combat a part of the magnificent Colorado Front Range? Alternatively, China is home to a number of the world’s most celebrated hiking regions and a Small-Group Yangshuo Rock-Climbing Adventure is that the most exhilarating thanks to tackling the famous peaks.

Rock climbing

10. Adventure Activities Parasailing

If you favor water to heights, ditch the paragliding and go parasailing instead, where you will be propelled 200-feet (61-meters) within the air on a hand glider towed by a speedboat. Book on a Cancun Parasailing Adventure where you will get an expansive look out over the famous beaches and jungle of Cancun; fancy the skies for a Maui Parasailing Experience where you’ll get up to 1,200 feet (366 meters) above the palm-fringed Ka’anapali Beach, or try Tandem Paragliding in Malibu where you’ll gaze out over the idyllic Malibu hills. For the last word family adventure, try Tandem Parasailing at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and see if you’ll spot your favorite characters down below.


11. Adventure Activities Glacier climbing

Few experiences are as otherworldly as hiking a huge glistening glacier, and what better place to urge to grips with a frozen landscape than Iceland itself? Glacier Hiking and hiking on Iceland’s Sólheimajokull Glacier, where icy ridges, deep crevices, and mind-boggling expanses of frozen rock will challenge even the hardiest of hikers, and you’ll even try your hand at hiking.

Of course, there are many other places to sharpen your ice picks. Take a Small-Group Franz Josef Glacier Walk along New Zealand’s famous southern glacier, where jutting ice cliffs, dangling icicles and natural hot springs bring a rewarding, unique trek; or head to Alaska for a Mendenhall Glacier Trek and Climb, where you will be truly off the beaten track.

12. Adventure Activities Deep-sea fishing

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced fisherman, the joys of catching your own dinner are irresistible — just confirm you choose a stunning landscape to look at while you await the fish to bite. take in the coastal charms of Reykjavik, as you fish for Haddock, rockfish, and Pollock within the nearby Faxaflói bay with a Sea-Fishing Tour from Reykjavik; barbecue your fresh catch as you float the waves near California’s famous Newport Beach on a Half-Day Deep-Sea Fishing Cruise from Newport Beach;

reel in enormous Hawaiian tuna on a Small-Group Sport Fishing Adventure from Oahu; or take a Deep Sea Fishing Private Boat Charter in San Juan. you’ll even enliven the experience, with a Miami Party Fishing Cruise where there will be plenty to stay you amused while you await your dinner to swim past.

Deep-sea fishing

13. Adventure Activities Hang gliding

Swoop and dive sort of a bird on a hand gliding excursion and with nothing beneath you but fresh air, you will have an unobstructed view over the landscape below. Hand gliding hotspots abound throughout South America, where high cliffs and powerful winds provide the right weather for thrill-seekers.

14. Adventure Activities Rafting

Whether hurtling downstream or navigating treacherous rapids that threaten to overturn your dingy, river rafting is an exhilarating thanks to getting your pulse racing and your clothes soaking. Grab a paddle, hop in an inflatable raft and explore a number of the world’s most daringly turbulent waters.


Try Tully River Full-Day foam Rafting from Cairns boasting a fantastic 45 rapids; drifting beneath an array of tropical wildlife on the Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica or taking over the mighty Colorado River with a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip from Las Vegas. Fancy an underground water adventure instead? Go Black Water Rafting at Waitomo Caves near Auckland and you’ll navigate eerie caves, underground waterfalls, and caverns crammed with glowworms. Just do not forget your life jacket!

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